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For starters, it eliminates the death flaws common in the traditional driver. This is perfect if you’ve been using a driver that lacks sufficient loft and affects striking power. With the hybrid golf club, it is easier to increase loft degrees to cover more distance. Powerful graphics hardware gets all of the love from gamers and enthusiasts, so long as games run the way they’re supposed to. That’s why driver teams are the unsung heroes of the graphics card world.

It’s all too easy to slice the ball with the driver, which requires a long swing that’s well coordinated from start to finish. Not only that, you’ll also have access to detailed reports that can track the duration of persistent behaviors and the percentage of drive time those behaviors consume.

  • There are some awesome choices for great distance and lower prices for high handicappers.
  • Plus, there is an offset and straight neck version that you can get for a download now fraction of the price.
  • Like some drivers on this list, there is no loft options with this model.
  • If you’re a beginner and want a new driver, don’t discount the 2019 selections either.
  • While there is no adjustable loft, its still one of the best drivers for a budget.
  • While you might miss out on a couple of yards with these new clubs, you will also likely save hundreds of dollar as well.

This can help you see how much time these habits are taking up your driver’s day. Start changing driver behavior today while also ensuring lasting change over the long haul. Our driver safety solutions help fleets achieve maximum, sustained results with minimal time and effort. Our driver-centric tools help you prevent collisions – before they happen – to protect your bottom line. It’s a powerful, proven, and efficient solution to help improve fleet safety management and performance – quickly and easily.

I think the results definitely show how much the weight has an effect on the flight of the ball. In the most extreme heel setting, I averaged a spin axis of -15.2 degrees which is a large amount of curve to the left.

This spin axis should curve around yards, which is much more playable. Going to the fade setting, my average spin axis was 0.3, or essentially a straight ball that might fall slightly to the right. The draw setting produced the lowest launch and spin for me in this test, and I attribute that to the fact that I was hitting a big draw with this setting. A draw ball flight will generally spin less than a fade will, and that held true here. For me I gained 10 yards in carry distance as well as having a much straighter ball flight just from finding the right weight setting.

Over the long run, that can lead to significantly improved performance in games that you may be playing for months or years to come. Because it features the longest shaft and least lofted face of any club, the driver – or #1 wood – poses unique challenges. It can be more difficult than other clubs to hit squarely on the sweet spot.

What’s more, the shortened shaft allows the user to swing effortlessly for accurate hits. With a better sing speed at the center, the driver offers more consistency.

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Both of the new releases from Callaway for the 2017 season are among the best performing drivers on the market. These drivers provide a great amount of adjustability, which can be used to dial the club into the proper settings for the player gaining them distance and consistency. Here at Miles of Golf, we have both of these drivers available to fit in the Cluboratory along with an extensive selection of custom shafts. Most importantly, we have highly qualified fitters on staff who can help dial this driver in to your specific needs.

When compared to the -6.5 spin axis from the neutral setting, and the 0.3 spin axis from the fade setting I think we can see the weight really showing what it can do. The neutral weight changed that large draw bordering on a hook, into a gentle draw with a spin axis of -6.5.