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King Claudius but not is curious on how Ophelia has received Hamlet’s love (Line 128)

King Claudius but not is curious on how Ophelia has received Hamlet’s love (Line 128)

Polonius now asks King Claudius «What do you think of me personally?» (Line 129) and just once Queen Claudius says to Polonius that he thinks of him since «men faithful and you can honourable» (Line 130) really does Polonius define he did not accept of every relationship ranging from Hamlet and you can Ophelia whatsoever.

Polonius demonstrates to you that he informed his dlet is an excellent prince, away from thy celebrity [from your own group / reach];» telling the girl you to definitely «That it [the connection] really should not be:'» (Lines 140-141)

Polonius continues to spell it out in order to Queen Claudius and you can King Gertrude he advised his child so you’re able to «lock by herself off their resort,» (avoid Hamlet), (Range 142) hence she dutifully did, ultimately causing Hamlet’s expose worry in the are refused by the Ophelia (Contours 143-148).

Hence it is Hamlet’s rejection of the Ophelia, Polonius argues, who’s brought about Hamlet’s «transformation;» hence Polonius identifies while the » madness by which today the guy raves, / And all we wail to possess» (the madness which Hamlet currently has actually and you can and that most of us scream and you will grieve to own), (Line 150).

Polonius have a tendency to «reduce my personal dlet) very Polonius in addition to King, concealing trailing an arras (a beneficial tapestry) are able to see on their own if Hamlet likes Ophelia, indicating Polonius’ principle to own Hamlet’s actions

King Claudius requires the brand new King in the event that he believes rejection by the Ophelia accounts for Hamlet’s «transformation;» to which Queen Gertrude answers, «It can be, very likely» (Range 152). Continuar leyendo