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What could possibly be worse than your dad dating your boyfriend’s mother?

What could possibly be worse than your dad dating your boyfriend’s mother?


That’s how the summer begins for Lila. Little does she know that this summer is going to be filled with a twisting series of surprises? At the onset she is so unhappy that her father is dating Dylan’s mother, Chloe. She can’t help but imagine worse case scenarios. What if her boyfriend ends up being her stepbrother? Ew, can you imagine?

Her ultimate summer goal is to break up the relationship, but nothing turns out the way she expected. Chloe keeps being ,well….nice. To make matters worse Dylan thinks that Lila’s issue is that she doesn’t think his mother is good enough for her dad. But when she can’t find a job to help pay off her dream car Chloe gives her a job at her travel agency. Lila thinks she’s not going to like working for Chloe, but she ends up loving the job.

Things get even more unpredictable when Dylan’s ex-girlfriend, Lila’s arch nemesis, Jennifer Hellspawn Hamilton, announces she’s pregnant. Lila and her two best friends Meryl and Caressa can’t stand Jennifer. She has always been extremely superficial, and treated all of them like dirt. Still, when Jennifer’s fair-weather friends dump her as a result of her pregnancy Lila’s compassionate best friend Meryl takes her under her wing. At first Lila feels a little betrayed, but people can be surprising.

FATHER KNOWS BEST is warm-hearted, humorous romp, filled to the brim with girl-power and sincerity. The characters are likeable, believable, and often insightful and witty. It’s a story that blasts preconceived notions, and shows how life and fate have a mind of their own, no matter what plans you have. Continuar leyendo